Tex has been apart of our family now for ten whole years. I still can’t believe it. He’s a lovable dude with a penchant for snapping at the mailman’s heels. He has a thing for the pizza guy and if you sport a brown polo and drive a big brown box truck, you may not be his favorite person. While he sounds mean, he’s truly one of the most loving pups. Tex has this thing snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a good movie and he really loves a good bed snuggle session.

While he loves hard, he sheds and stinks even harder. Over the past 10 years of being a pet owner, we’ve learned a few things to help combat pet odor around our home. My go to for stinky or musty pet odor has always been Febreze. Their whole line of Pet Odor Eliminator sprays works so well. I love the fresh scent and how quickly it elimates odor from the room or the item.


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Being a Sheltie, Tex has really long and thick hair. He’s a “winter” dog and because we live in San Diego, he tends to shed a ton, which means his scent tracks all over our home. I’ve found a few tricks that help keep his smell at bay.

-Vacuum Often-

I usually vacuum at least once a day and follow it with a few spritzes of Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator.

-Invest in a Pet Bed-

Tex loves his bed and I love that he generally only lays in one spot. It means pet odor can be kept to his bed area. Febreze Fabric Pet Odor Eliminator is perfect for spraying down pet beds, it’s completely safe to use!

-Keep your Pets off Furniture-

this is a tough one for us… I would prefer that Tex not get on our furniture but my husband disagrees. This usually leads to more pet odor and messes to clean up. Thankfully Febreze helps me in that department.

We love Tex and even though he isn’t always on my “nice” list, I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s our furry protector and lover and with the help of Febreze, he only leaves his hair all over the house, not his smell. You can now pick up Febreze AIR and FABRIC pet Odor Eliminator at your local Petsmart to help you keep your own pet loving home fresh!