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A few years (whoa, that sounds weird haha) ago, I blogged a review on the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller and why we loved it for twins… to this day, it is still one of my most visited post and gets so much traffic from pinterest and google… It seems a lot of people are still wondering which double tandem stroller will best suit their needs. I recently upgraded to the newest version of the Baby Jogger City Select, the LUX, so I thought I’d do it justice and let you all know why we love it so much more than the original city select!

Now you may think I’m crazy for buying a new stroller for my 3 year olds but we still use our stroller almost daily. Going anywhere with the babes without the stroller seems overwhelmingly terrifying. Having twins, or more than one child even, can make it so hard to tackle even the simplest outing without a stroller to help confine at least one child, in my opinion. Plus, my kids actually like sitting in their stroller, which I know so many kids don’t. I think for them, it’s an easy way to get out and explore, and they know that there is usually a final destination involved where they will get to get out and play.

I was already a huge fan of our Baby Jogger City Select so when the company came out with an updated edition, I couldn’t resist upgrading. So many feature requests I thought about were met with this update and it’s proving to work out so great for our needs. There’s so many reasons why we love our new ride but I thought I’d share with you my top 5 reasons for upgrading and why it’s working so well for us.


#1 – The Bench Seat Accessory

I’m in numerous stroller BST (buy,sell,trade) groups and a few mom groups on facebook and the number one question I always see asked is “what’s the best stroller for my tall toddler”. Easton is is the 98% for height, he’s as tall as most 4 year olds even though he just turned 3! The height of the stroller has been a concern for me for a while and I knew he would eventually be too tall for a stroller, probably way before Everly was. I have the glider board but really don’t love how I have to push the stroller from the side with it on. The bench seat was the perfect accessory for us to get so much more life out of a stroller. He can sit and enjoy the ride but doesn’t feel confined by a short stroller seat. Other Doubles with the bench seat option don’t have all the other features as the LUX and also aren’t quite as good for all terrain so I had basically ruled this out as an option until the LUX!

#2 – The Small Fold

The seats on the LUX fold in half, making it 30% smaller than the original City Select and the smallest “full functioning” stroller I’ve come across when folded (not including umbrella strollers). Even with the second seat attached, the stroller fits easily in tighter spaces. And bonus, if you extend the handle bar to the middle height, the stroller can stand while folded which makes it ideal for people who park their stroller in their entry way, like I do!

#3 – The Hand Brake / Deceleration

This is a common feature on jogging strollers for when you’re going down hill, but has yet to be introduced on an “everyday” stroller until now! This has been a game changer in ease of use for me, especially when at our local (extremely hilly) zoo and out and about in the neighborhood… we live at the bottom of the hill, which never bothered me until I was being drug down hill by a double stroller… with the help of the decelerating brake, this is no longer a concern! **There have been several complaints about the placement of the brake, but I actually prefer it where it is because it makes it easy to use, especially if I’m drinking coffee and pushing one handed, like I SO often am haha**

#4 – The All wheel suspension

I never really viewed this as important until I pushed the LUX and realized how much smoother it truly was, not only for pushing but also for the rider!  We live in a really established **OLD** area of San Diego and the sidewalks can sometimes show it’s age… so many bumps! I have less trouble trying to get this stroller over bigger bumps and notice the kids tend to spill less and my **COLD BREW** coffee tends to stay in my cup rather than all over my cup holder!

#5 –  The Fabric

Again, not something I viewed as important before this stroller but the new fabric feels so luxurious and stays way cooler! The seat seems to be made better too with more padding and firmer bottom area. It’s also proving to be easier to clean, even though I purchased a lighter color (We went with the lighter color because I found my old black stroller faded with general use even though it was never stored outside)


There are a few things I wish they hadn’t changed, like the option to zip open the bottom basket to make it bigger and the ability to extend the footrest on the actual seat, but even with those missing, I still would pick this version over the previous model, hands down! This is NOT a sponsored post, y’all, I genuinely love this stroller and felt the need to share my loves! I hope this little mini review helps you out if you’re considering the City Select LUX! And if you have any questions about it, I’d be happy to answer!