I have a goal to wake up at 6 AM everyday. This is my me-time, my time to set daily intentions, my time to gather my thoughts and catch up on current events. It’s my time to simply sit… do whatever needs to be done for myself to have a great day. A time that I can be fully selfish and not focus on my husband or my kids. As mothers, it’s so easy to get lost in the daily shuffle and forget to take an hour to focus on ourselves. This is my hour.

I factor in this hour based off of when my kids wake up. We use the Hatch Nursery Rest clock to set their time to wake up and have been very consistent with their sleep routine from birth. It makes scheduling in this time for myself easy. I’ll write more on this for a different blog post but it’s important for me to have a small grasp on the predictability of when my kids are going to rise for the day. For me personally, there is nothing worse than waking up to a whiny toddler when I haven’t even had a chance to take a deep breath.


1.) Quiet time – Kids are loud. I’m easily overstimulated and very sensitive to too much noise. This is my time to sit in the quiet and drink coffee. I set aside time to simply stare out the window and be in the moment.

2.) Schedule Review – Every morning I open up my calendar and go over what the day looks like and make a to do list of what I need to do.

3.) Self Care – This is my time to shower and get ready for the day. I do my daily skincare routine, pick out my outfit for the day and try to get dressed before the kids wake.

4.) Nourishment – I’m not one to forget to eat a meal but without the proper thought, I’m guilty of just shoving in food and going along for the day without thinking about what I’m actually putting in my body. I’ve been committed to my breakfast smoothie this year and even though I wouldn’t DARE turn on the blender before the babes wake up, I’m able to brew coffee and thoughtfully pour all my ingredients into the blender so it’s ready to blend when the babes do wake.

5.) Chores – I loathe folding laundry when the babes are awake because they like to “help” but really they just unfold every.single.thing and it drives me crazy. It’s sort of a treat of mine to fluff the laundry in the dryer and fold a warm pile of laundry early in the morning. It’s especially nice on a chilly morning!

6.) Current Events – I’m not a fan of watching the news all day long because I find it kind of depressing and I hate how our society has become a “need to know it now” society with the rise of everything being instant. My get around is to do a quick catch up of the local news and national headlines every morning. It’s usually lighter and a good over view of what’s happening.


They say the early bird get’s the worm and although I have yet to catch a worm, I do feel so much better when my day gets started early. That precious hour that I get to focus on just myself is such a game changer for my mental state and outlook towards motherhood. I start my day off focused on me so I can shift my focus to my kids when they’re awake and not feel like I’ve forgotten about myself. So tell me… what time do you wake up?