Is there anything better than a good old fashioned wooden toy? I don’t think so. My favorite part about wooden toys is that they’re nearly indestructible. They don’t take batteries so they never “die” or need maintenance. I love how they really encourage imagination too. Wooden toys have endless possibilities when it comes to how they are played with. Blocks can be used to build cities or castles or make obstacles for jumping over and balance boards can become roads and bridges or car launches and reading chairs!

I know every mom loves a great Amazon find so I searched the site for some favorite wooden toys for kiddos from 3 years old to 5 years old and here’s what I found! Some of these toys work for toddlers and younger babes too!

I think my all time favorite on this list are the Lincoln Logs because I used to have those as a child and loved them. If the babes had to pick a favorite, I’d think it would be the horse truck because that’s currently on their Christmas list. We have the balance board and it may be one of the most used and most versatile wooden toys I’ve ever purchased! And these all make perfect Christmas gifts too! Speaking of Christmas, you can check out last year’s no battery Christmas list too!