Ever since the babes were born, I’ve been suffering from a severe case of mom brain. I can hardly remember what I had for dinner last night let alone what milestones the babes hit at 1 month old. I’ve been documenting the babes lives through pictures since day 1 but knew I really needed to write down our most important memories as they were happening so I wouldn’t forget when they are older.

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I don’t love traditional things so I searched high and low for a unique but simple baby book. I found PolkaDot Print Shop on Etsy and fell in love with all the modern and classic prints offered. One thing I love most about this book is how easy the spiral binding makes it to write in.  I also love all the add-ons that are offered in the shop like the Holiday and Extra Picture Pages.

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Now to printing pictures… sounds so “old school” to print pictures and seems like such a hassle but thanks to the world of smart phones and apps its super easy. I ordered these prints with the Social Print Studio App but there are a ton of other options. Shutterfly is also one of my favorite printing apps!

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It’s been so fun documenting the babes lives and to look back on all the memories we’ve already made. It’s truly amazing how much they have changed in just 9 short months! Here are my top 5 baby book picks!

Modern Baby Books | 2 Giggles | Baby’s 1st Year by Lucy Darling Shop | Mushy Books | Polka Dot Print Shop