The beach is one of the only places I go to feel grounded. I’ve said so many times that it’s my happy place and the babes feel the same too. The beach is one of the only places where I feel completely okay with letting the babes be babes. Letting them get dirty, kick water, run wild and play freely without restriction.

Over the years, especially the last 4, I’ve really learned what and what not to take to the beach; like one should not take beach balls to the beach, even though they’re called “beach balls” because they will fly away and devastate your 3 year old (speaking from experience here) but you should take eye drops to the beach because your 4 year old will put sand in his sisters eyes (also speaking from experience on that one).

With time comes experience so I thought I’d share my top beach necessities for all those moms who live coastal or who are planning their next trip to the beach… these are my most helpful mom tips but also apply to those who are visiting the beach sans kiddos… have you ever had a granule of sand in your eye? Or lost your beach ball?

10 Things: Beach Necesseties For the Perfect Beach Day With Kids

1.) Eyedrops – I think I chose this as number one because most recently, it’s been our most used item at the beach, thanks to Easton and his wild ninja ways.

2.) A beach chair – just for mom! As a mom, we share everything, like our laps or our towels or our blankets and those end up sandy and wet and sometimes even get food smeared on them. I invested in a beach chair for myself last summer and it’s sort of my “safe zone” when we’re at the beach, it has a little pocket for my phone and keys too.

3.) Gathre Mat… I use this even without our kids in tow because it’s so perfect for the beach, the park, really anywhere that you may sit or lay down outside. It is a thick leather so stops water from seeping up and shakes sand off really easily on top.

4.) Turkish towels – there are beach towels and then there are turkish towels. I love turkish towels for the beach because they’re bigger in size and usually more absorbant. Plus they’re much cuter than most standard beach towels!

5.) Sand Toys – I try to keep our beach toys minimal so they’re easier to keep track of and to lessen the load we’re carrying to and from the beach. Here’s my top sets!

6.) Sunscreen – This is my favorite, spray and go sunscreen. You do have to rub it in initially but it is easy to reapply, especially at the beach.

7.) Shade – This is only a concern if we plan to stay all day or for those really really warm days but having a great shade tent has been crucial for beach days with little ones! Even if they don’t stay in it long, it’s a great time out spot for when they need a break and a great lunch spot!

8.) A Wagon – I didn’t understand how crucial this was until I had a wagon but honestly, why be the family pack-mule if you can have a wagon to do the dirty work for you?! I do recommend getting a wagon that has wheels made for the beach or one that is tested for all terrain!

9.) and the most important of my beach necessities – Baby Powder! It absorbs the moisture of the sand and the sand dusts right off of baby/toddler/kids body. Also works great for adult feet so you can keep your car sand free! Any brand will do but I love this one!

Okay! I’m officially ready to hit the sand and I hope you are too now that you know my favorite beach necessities. If I missed something, tell me below! I love to know what other moms are packing along!