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    I’ve sat down to write this story countless times over the past 10 weeks. I’ve told it to friends, family and just about anyone who has asked but for some reason sitting down to write it out just seems so personal. I’ve shared a broad generalization of the event on social media and I’ve even shared a bit on the details but writing them all out seems so much harder than just speaking it. Putting that day and that…



      I’m a creature of habit so when I find something I love, it tends to be on repeat. This is especially true for accessories and handbags, like this summer tote. When searching for a handbag, I have a few requirements I need it to meet… It has to be big enough to slide my camera in, big enough to carry around a few snacks for the babes and neutral so it can go with any outfit. Bonus points if…

      4th of July | Red WHITE and Blue | styling a white maxi dress |


        Little white dresses have become my number one favorite item for summer. My closet is full of them. From delicate lace details to eyelets and minimalist vibes, white dresses are a staple every woman needs in her closet! I discovered this dress while searching for a summer dress to wear to a Ryan’s graduation ceremony. I instantly fell in love and ordered it.
        Although I ended up wearing a different dress for the graduation, I’ve worn this one to several…

        Easy Summer Shorts |


          Summer is the season of shorts and I must say, I’m loving the easy summer shorts that are on trend right now. While I’m no stranger to a good pair of denim cutoffs for summer, due to my recent abdominal surgery, I’m not really into wearing waistlines quite yet! Switching up my look with some soft linen shorts for a loose breezy style has been making me so happy this season.
          I picked out a few of my favorite easy…

          Pet Appreciation Week with Swiffer and Febreze |


            We welcomed Tex into our family only a week after we got married. While both of us are “dog” people and thought we fully knew what we were getting ourselves into… we had no idea the amount of mess this little fur ball would create. As Tex grew from a little furball puppy into a full-grown Sheltie, his long soft hair shed more and more and we worked hard at getting a grasp on keeping our home clean and…

              FLOWER CHILD

              It’s no secret that I love dresses and lately I’ve been flocking to pretty little floral numbers. I love the ethereal, flower child feelings that a ditzy floral or paisley floral pattern gives off. Whenever I see these patterns, I instantly think spring and early summer. I can imagine picnics in the canyon surrounded by blooms, walking on the beach on a warm afternoon and just sitting out under a tree watching the kiddos play. I think the season…

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