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Friday Edit – sharing our weekly Finds and Life Updates!

Friday Edit | V3 |


    This week and last week have been kind of wild. We’ve had a few moments where I’ve been forced to stop and take a good look around me and feel gratitude for the life we’ve built. It’s crazy how sometimes life can give you a little slap in the face to make you realize how good life really is. Just in time for Thanksgiving too!
    Last week, we had what we think was an attempted break in and it really…

    Friday Edit V1 |


      Happy Friday my friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Finds, so I decided to resume the weekly series with a fresh face! Welcome to the Friday Edit! It’s essentially the same thing as Friday Finds, but with a grown up feel, a new layout, and some fresh new content! I want to bring to you a little review of what our week looked like, a glimpse into our weekend plans, and some of my favorite…



        Y’all, the second week of January has come and gone but it’s Friday so yay! Usually I’m not too terribly sad to see another week go but tomorrow marks 3 whole entire years with my two tiny nuggets. I literally can not put into words how this day feels. The day before your child’s birthday leads to your reflections as a mother and I’m doing all the reflecting right now. Love those little people so much.
        In other news… we…

        A november friday round up of all the things we loved this week plus all the things we did


          Happy Friday y’all and Hello November! San Diego finally gave us a little taste of fall and a few days of sweater weather! This week was so jam packed that I feel like we hardly got to enjoy the cooler temperatures. Did y’all have a good halloween? We had such a great time. You can read more about it here and see the babes and their DIY costumes! and finally… be ready for November 5th when Target releases the…

          A recap of our week and all things I'm loving this week


            Oh hey Friday Finds! Nice to see you again! Did anyone else stay in their pajamas all day today like we did? I think it’s the bipolar San Diego weather… it’s currently raining and a high of 70 but don’t worry, Monday is supposed to be 100 degrees?!?!?! (WTF?) Similar to our weather, we’ve had an up and down sort of week with epic toddler meltdowns, a few of the sweetest moments and lots of fun adventures. We kicked…

            Friday Finds is a series of things we're loving this week and a little life lately recap by Brandi of Thoughts By B

              FRIDAY FINDS | IT’S BACK

              Ah! First off, Happy Friday the 13th (totally spooky, IMO) Second, Y’all, it’s been a while since I did a Friday Finds post… this has been one of my personal favorite and most consistent blog series this year because 1.) I love to share what I’ve found and loved through out the week  2.) It’s an easy way to post all the fun pictures I take all week long (photographer problems) and 3.) it holds me accountable to post…

              Friday finds is a weekly round up series curated by Brandi of Thoughts By b

                FRIDAY FINDS

                Ah, what a week. First of all, thank you all who dropped by yesterday and gave me some love on an extremely difficult post to write but one that needed to be shared. Things happen as a mom and we have to forgive, let go, and move on… so we’re back at it today and off on more adventures. We headed to our favorite coffee shop this morning for toddler story time and to grab a much needed lavender…

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