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I’ve waited quite a while to do an official review of our stroller because I really wanted to give a review that encompasses every scenario a family might come across. Our baby jogger city select has now traveled to three states, by air, train and car and seen all terrain from sand to snow. I’ve got a pretty good grasp on why we love this stroller and why we hate it. And it really is a love hate relationship….


We got a tiny taste of summer this week in San Diego so we decided to pack up and head to the beach. Only problem, this mama doesn’t have a swimsuit. Well actually, I have a million swimsuits, but none are the kind you should be chasing two almost-toddlers around in.

I’m sure my bikini wearing days will return (eventually) and even though I’ve lost all the baby weight, things have shifted… after carrying twins for 8 months and then…


We’ve rounded out our first year of parenting twins and I’ve had #allthefeels about this. Somehow, R and I have managed to keep these babies alive while not turning on each other and fleeing to Mexico. Some days I’ve questioned my sanity but for the most part, we survived with our dignity intact.

This past year has been one of the toughest, most challenging, most changing and most rewarding years of my entire life. I’ve learned more about myself, my…


Ah, it’s Tuesday {insert praise jesus emoji}. Tuesday means one day closer to Friday and further from Monday, am I right? As of late, the twins have had a rough time sharing. I’m sure it comes with age and it doesn’t help that they get ZERO alone time from each other, but sharing just isn’t happening. We fight over everything… I mean everything, even the piece of fuzz from the rug {insert eye roll emoji}. I even resorted to…


As of late, our babes have been quite the foodies with seemingly bottomless pits for stomachs. They eat anything and everything in sight (except peas, we DO NOT like peas). I’m certain that 85% of my day is spent prepping food for the babes, cooking food for the babes, and actually shoveling food in their tiny mouths. I’m not sure how their little pot bellies even hold that much food.

With all the recent craze about food, I’ve been on…


This past weekend we threw a Pancakes and Pajamas themed party for the babes first birthday! After a rainy week, the unpredictable weather cooperated and we had a blast partying in our PJs on a perfect sunny SoCal day. The menu included homemade brunch bites and mimosas which was the perfect spread for both the little ones and the adults. The babes enjoyed funfetti pancakes topped with whip cream and sprinkles as their “smash” cake and got their first…


My babies are 1! Where did the time go and how did we survive? It may sound cliche but this was by far the fastest year of my life. I feel like this has been one of the wildest roller coasters I’ve ever been on. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs but it’s been a blast and each experience has prepared us for the next.

We spent much of this year in pure survival mode so the fact that…