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I felt compelled to right this tidbit on motherhood, grief, and quarantine after sending quite the novel text message to Ryan last week… it read: “I feel like I am failing at motherhood because of this damn pandemic. I miss my quiet time. I miss being alone in the house. I miss being able to take a 20 minute nap without having to break up an argument or scream at our kids for misbehaving. I miss silence. Pure silence….

What I ordered on Amazon this month | august

What I Ordered from Amazon | August

Y’all, who doesn’t LOVE Amazon? Especially in these crazy times we’re living in, from the fast shipping to the wide array of in stock items, it’s a must! I want to start sharing more with y’all so I figured I’d start here with unloading my amazon purchases each month onto the blog!
This month we’re settling into a new routine of distance learning and work hours and also revamping a few of our spaces, given that we’re spending so much…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


I debated covering this sale this year for a few reasons but mainly because let’s face it… ordering a ton of new clothes to get all dressed up to go nowhere seems a little crazy right now but… after browsing the sale, I did find a few things I added to my own wishlist so I thought I’d share with you. Now, let’s all cross our fingers that it doesn’t sell out in one minute.

Sweaters are my favorite…

Quarantine Fatigue

Quarantine Fatigue

I remember first hearing the word quarantine fatigue and thinking oh, a new catchy word, kind of like ‘Fetch’.  Are we trying to make this a thing a la Mean Girls or is it an actual thing. Well folks, I’m here to say it’s an actual thing. Lately, more often than not, I’ve found myself exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. And so cranky, even the slightest upset would send me spiraling into a fury. It sparked concern for me,…

May Edit 5.18.20 |

MAY EDIT | 5.18.20

April showers bring May flowers… Spring has sprung y’all. Wild flowers are blooming all over southern California and as we ease out of this quarantine, it’s a much needed refreshing site. We’ve been taking daily walks and stopping to smell all the flowers, we’ve even been foraging some from the canyon to brighten up our home. I’ve been craving new items to bring some change and positivity into this current season we’re all in so here’s a few things…

Refresh your home while staying home |


I love a great refresh, especially in the spring… since were all stuck at home, I’m even more motivated to make our home a place I want to be in all day long. I’ve partnered up with Mercury Insurance to share some tips and easy DIY’s to freshen up your home while staying home, and bonus… these are things you probably already own so save money while you’re at it.
Like I said, every spring, something sparks inside me to…

Garden Party Easter Baskets


The kids’ Easter baskets have become one of my favorite things to put together! I love all the pastels and cute spring items to choose from and coming up with a theme is always fun! We’ve been planning out our little urban garden lately so I thought it would be so cute to involve the twins with Garden Party Easter baskets!
To say I went all in on my theme would be an understatement. With all the craziness going on…