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“style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

-rachel zoe


For those of you struggling with the desire to wear a fall essential like a chunky cable knit or your cutest pair of booties but fear the severe sweat stains you’ll face, you are not alone. San Diego is notorious for having longer summers and practically no fall so while the majority of the country is cozying up in fall gear, we’re still rocking our sandals and summer dresses.

Last spring, I purged a good amount of…

Summer 10x10 minimal wardrobe challenge | thoughts by brandi .com | mom style | slow fashion


If you aren’t familiar with a 10X10 Challenge, basically, you chose 10 pieces, including shoes, from your current closet and then you wear them and only those pieces for 10 days! It’s essentially a “mini capsule wardrobe” so you aren’t committing to a complete capsule wardrobe but get a taste of it! I love that I don’t have to part with anything for these challenges, if I want to break the rules and reach for something, I’ve learned that’s…

Online thrifting | Part 1 | mama style |


I’ve always loved second hand shopping and thrifting for items. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my mom and I going garage-saling (yep, that’s a thing) Saturday mornings when I was a kid. She’d give me a $20 dollar bill and the hunt would begin. I was always more about the quality over quantity and hunted the good deal on the one staple item that was worth my 20 dollars and honestly, not a lot has changed.

My thoughts on being Kid Free for a whole week plus a new favorite jumpsuit that I may never take off! | mom style |


Ah, I’m sad to say my kid free week of carefree, unscheduled, restful nights has come to an end. I’m back in Texas to grab the babes and visit with our family for a week and as much as I’m loving all the snuggles, I wouldn’t have minded a tiny bit longer break.
So how was it? It was amazing… if you have parents or sisters or whomever that are willing to take your kids so you can have a…

A roundup of my favorite little white dress (es). The perfect summer obsession.


The little white dress has entered and completely swept me off my feet. I’m officially obsessed. I have always loved white linens and white paint for home interiors. I just love the brightness and the alive feeling that white portrays. I’ve stayed away from white in fashion since becoming a mother mostly because I thought it made me look larger (hello mama hips) and that it would be too hard to keep clean with grubby little toddler hands. I’m…

Breaking down my first 10X10 challenge | minimal style | mom style | capsule wardrobe |


Ah, Raise your hand if 2018 has been off to one slooooowwwww start?! I’m not sure if I’ve had a form of writer’s block or if I should say I’ve been just plain lazy, but I’M BACK and feeling motivated! I’ve been tossing around the idea of a capsule wardrobe but every time I go to build it, I draw a blank. Enter the 10×10 challenge! It’s like creating a mini-capsule wardrobe… and seriously, you can stick to anything…

Spring style curated by a mama for the mama


We’re currently having a taste of sunshine, warm weather and beautiful beach days in San Diego. This weather has me packing away all my sweaters and taking inventory on my spring style. Here’s what I’m currently coveting and loving. Also, I just bought some “beach pants” which really means linen MOM pants but OH MY GOODNESS… I’m in love… I linked a similar pair below but here’s the ones I purchased, they only have XS left but if that…