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Thoughts on Motherhood

“Everything has changed yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been”

– Iain Thomas



    If you’ve walked through a big box store lately, you may think it’s December with all the Holiday decor displayed. A home improvement store I was in recently even had Christmas music playing… now, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next guy but you know what else I love? THANKSGIVING!
    I feel like Thanksgiving is the poor forgotten stepchild. There’s a tiny little stand at the craft store with Thanksgiving items and there’s 4 aisles…

    Small Shop Favorites |


      Styling kids in general is tough but styling for seasons can be hard too. Dressing them cute but still functional and in things that they like but that you like too is such an ordeal… The struggle can be real.
      Here’s a few tips for styling kids and coordinating siblings, whether you’re matching them for family photos or simply want them to look cute while you’re out and about, here’s my top tips for dressing little ones.

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      5 Things I've Learned From Miscarriage |


        As many of my readers know, we experienced a monumental loss on June 7th, 2019. You can read more about the story here. There’s a lot of things I’ve learned through our experience and I thought I’d share my top 5 with you; these are things I wish I knew right when it happened but also things I wish I knew so I could have better supported friends who had miscarriages. If you’ve ever experienced a miscarriage or are…

        Preschool Lunches with Sargento


          After 2 years of sending the babes off to preschool, you’d think I’d have this lunch packing gig down to a T but everyone knows 4 year olds can be very choosy about what goes in their lunch box and moms don’t always get it right. Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen victim to a boring lunch! After a few lunches were brought home uneaten last year, I knew I needed to step up my lunch game for…

          easter basket favorites | thoughtsbybrandi.com_-2


            Easter bunny shopping is almost as exciting as getting to play Santa! Give me all the pastel toys and little stuffed bunnies… the easter egg hunts and adorable dresses! I just love this special spring holiday… almost as much as I love a good theme basket!
            This year I had the hardest time narrowing down what theme I wanted to do for the babes! I decided to do one bigger item with a few accessories for each of them and…

            Covered Up with SwimZip | A stylish and practical swimsuit cover up for mama!

              A LETTER TO MY SON

              A few months ago, we had Easton evaluated because he was having some developmental delays and behavioral issues that concerned us. He was having a really hard time communicating with his words about things that were really bothering him and it was beginning to affect his everyday life. We made an appointment and took him in, with hopes the doctor would say that these were all normal behaviors but instead we were hit with a diagnosis that we weren’t…

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