So after all that huffing and puffing and worrying and wonder and investing in the idea of a big move… We’ve had a change of plans. The military has decided that Southern California suits our family and we will be sticking around for 2 more years. We’re not moving… wait what? We’ve been told that we were moving twice and each time, I wrapped my head and heart fully into it, only to be totally let down… Rookie mistake, I know. You’d think that after 8 years of military life, I would’ve learned that that is exactly what you don’t do… but honestly, this would’ve been our first “real move” with the military and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed.

We started off with word that we would be headed to Japan but we quickly learned that they no longer offered the services Easton would need overseas so we had to have those orders changed. It was up in the air for sometime but it seemed most probable that we would be heading to Bremerton, Washington… we were told so many times that was the likelihood and boy did I invest in that idea. I fell in love with Bainbridge Island (the perfect middle spot between Easton’s therapy and Ryan’s work) and even began house-hunting and dreaming up a totally different lifestyle from what we live now. I imagined land and goats and chickens (yep, still stuck on the chickens haha) a little fixer upper with a view of the sound or a view of Seattle. A greenhouse… yep, like I said, I fully invested into this location and what I thought would be our new life.

About a month ago, we got final word and much, much, much to my surprise, they said Camp Pendleton. For those that don’t know, we spent two years stationed at Camp Pendleton and it’s only about 45 minutes away from where we currently live. I was literally blindsided. I knew all along that the reality was a possibility but honestly I never thought they would put us there. It’s rare that a military family stays in one place for 10 years. I thought all along “okay, it’s our time, we’re up for a big move, this is military living, we can do this.”

It took some time for me to get comfortable with the idea and now that it’s set in for a bit, I must say, I’m looking forward to it. We have community here and honestly, there is no other place quite as beautiful and that offers year round, outdoor living for young families like San Diego does!

Our current plan is to stay put in our tiny little bungalow. We own our home and we love it so much, especially the location. What it lacks in space, it makes up with in character. The tough part will be that Ryan will have to commute but we will get to do some renovations that we’ve wanted to do and the kids will get to stay in their current school, which is so amazing! I’ll get to continue my work and enjoy my network of friends and work babes here in San Diego!


I thought that 2019 would be full of change so much so that I set it as my word of the year. I was so hyper-focused on this move that I was convinced that was my “change” but change is all around us in both small and grand ways. We’ve been dealt some changes this year with Easton’s diagnosis and learning to change our parenting to benefit him. We’re changing our bathroom within the next month and have big plans to make changes to the other parts of our home too. My business is changing a little as I map out what my goals are for this year. I have a feeling that even though we aren’t changing locations, we will welcome lots of changes this year!


Images by my amazingly talented friend, Jolene Redfern!