Nursing in public is a hot topic lately. It seems like every week there is a new story about breastfeeding in the news. While I fully support any and all breastfeeding mamas, I myself prefer to cover up in public. For me, it’s a bond that I share with my babies and don’t really want to share it with strangers. It’s less about worrying about others’ being uncomfortable and more about feeling comfortable myself while feeding my babies.

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Since I tandem nurse the twins at home, I spend double the time nursing one at a time when we are on the go so being comfortable nursing in public is a must for me. I’ve tried a handful of nursing covers over the past couple of months and none seem to fit the bill. They were either too bulky to stick in the diaper bag or didn’t offer enough coverage. For a while I just ended up using a swaddle blanket because it was the only thing that allowed the babies to breathe and covered enough that I felt comfortable, that is until Easton figured out how to pull it off.

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Thanks to our Covered Goods nursing cover, I think I’ve finally nailed the whole nursing in public thing. I really love that this cover wraps all around my entire body and is longer than most other covers. If I’m wearing a shirt that I have to lift up to nurse in, I feel confident knowing my behind isn’t hanging out. This cover comes in the cutest prints and is made out of the softest, light weight material too which makes it great for nursing in the endless summer that San Diego seems to be having. Neither myself or the babes get too hot while using this.

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As a twin mama, I’m all about multi-tasking and I need my baby products to do the same. Especially ones that I tote around. What I like most about this cover is that it’s not just a nursing cover. It triples as a car seat cover and a shopping cart cover. I’ve even used it as a highchair cover too. You can also wear it as a scarf but I’m not a huge fan of scarves so I don’t use mine for that. Do you have a favorite nursing cover or any tricks to nursing in public?