It’s officially the second week of fall and I’m busting into my fall capsule wardrobe… even though we’re still sweating here in San Diego, my mind is stuck in sweater mode. This past weekend, I did a giant closet edit, I Pulled out a lot of things I didn’t wear in the past three seasons and am listing those on Poshmark this week (Feels so good to purge).

Each season I like to do this so I can sort of set myself up to easily have a capsule wardrobe. I add a few new things here and there but buying staples through the years makes setting up a capsule wardrobe a tad easier. So what defines a capsule wardrobe… by definition it means “a few essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers  and coats that can be augmented with seasonal pieces” (according to Wikipedia). In todays world with fast fashion, it can feel hard to keep up with trends. For me, a capsule wardrobe of basics, mixed in with a few seasonal trends can be the perfect solution!

Here’s what I’ll be rotating through this fall and into winter.

** To note… I am in a warmer to mild climate so this fall capsule is for all you gals who rely on layers that you can shed through out the day. 

Fall Capsule

Sweaters in Rotation: This sweater in the perfect shade of putty. This lose fitting sweater from last year and this more fitted sweater from last year. I also love the fit of this sweatshirt.

These jeans are my newest obsession… similar to agolde Riley jeans but with a tiny bit more stretch (great for the athletic legged ladies)… a bit more on the expensive side but I usually only rotate through a few pairs of jeans every year so I don’t mind investing a little more.

This cardigan will be in heavy rotation. It’s the perfect layering piece for the warmer days and cooler nights here in Southern California. 

I’ve had my eye on these slides for a year and finally pulled the trigger and I couldn’t be happier. They’re the perfect shoe for a Southern California fall and winter season.

And a because we live in San Diego… and sweaters and slides are my jam, I ordered a second pair of these nude slides but in black (shared these in my September edit too)… a big way of transitioning seasons for me is in color choices. Spreading some black into my wardrobe for fall and winter is always a go to for me. Sadly these slides are back ordered until November so I’m eagerly awaiting. 

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fall hat and I finally decided on this one. It’s perfect for San Diego and the beach but the black gives it a fall feel. I think it will go great with a light sweater and my new black slides when they get in. 

I shared this coverall in my September edit and I have been wearing it weekly. It’s so comfy. Lightweight enough for the warmer fall days! 

This skirt from last year will be perfect for dressing up. I paired it with the loose fitting sweater above and plan to pair it with a white tee, this flannel and slides for the warmer fall days.

Finally, for all my mom errands, this comfy sweat suit and these shoes have been a go to outfit. (also shared these shoes in my September edit and have been LOVING them)!

Fall Capsule wardrobe 2020 -
Fall capsule jumpsuit wardrobe