Happy Friday y’all! We had a few glimpses of warmer weather and it has me itching for summer. I laughed at myself as I shopped sales this week because I only gravitated towards shorts and sandals, although, I did purchase a winter parka haha. Who else is glad that January has come to an end, the month seemed to drag and drag and I’m ready for all things February! I have a trip to Palm Springs and all sorts of fun things to do this month, including my birthday! Bring on 33!



Because most of the country is in the midst of a Polar Vortex, my mind keeps going to warmer weather! Shorts and sandals and tank tops and breezy dresses, give me all the summer clothing!



I have successfully Marie Kondo’d my home! It feels amazing to see space in my closets rather than being packed to the brim. While doing this, I upgraded my storage, I love to open up my closet and see a unified space that sparks all the joy! I used clear containers and a few woven baskets to help get me organized. It’s perfect!



If you follow me on instagram, you know this new toy is a HUGE hit! I will say, I was hesitant to get this because we have a small space and it was pricey but after two days of owning this, it has already been a good investment! It’s a chair for lounging, a trampoline, floor mats for superhero action, a slide, a hill for rolling down, it’s been a pirate ship, a building for spiderman to climb on and so many more exciting things!

I’ve got summer on the brain for the babes too. Spring and summer means mud-pies, sand boxes and all sorts of messy play. I love to stock up on play clothes so they can get messy and I don’t get too upset!



I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We’re heading to the dinosaur expo and I’m so excited to see Easton’s mind blown. Hoping the rain doesn’t put a damper on his experience though! Oh and let’s not forget the Super Bowl! Happy Friday y’all!