Happy Friday! Is anyone else in shock with how fast February is going… January seemed to drag and drag and drag but I feel like February is basically over. Maybe it’s just that my schedule is jam packed this month. I kicked off the month with a visit from my mama and now I’m heading to Palm Springs, the first of many  exciting little things happening this month! With that said… let’s get right to it…



I’ve been drawn to all thinks pink lately… the darker blush is a great neutral for shifting into spring and the clay tones give it such an earthy and natural vibe and of course, nothing says Spring like a good pastel.



I updated our bath tub this week with a new toy organizer and a spa shelf for myself. I’m not much of a bath taker but these bath caddies sure do look pretty!

This ladder is such a great price and perfect to display blankets on or towels on!

I’ve been eyeing this rug for a bit and it’s finally on sale. I’m thinking I may need it for my bedroom!

Figgie, our fiddle leaf tree is really enjoying her new pot! I love it so much I may get two more for our patio… it’s the perfect size for a smaller trunked tree.

I’m still on my Marie Kondo spree and have been re-styling the curio cabinet in the studio and bought these pretty boxes to store pictures in. I love the simplicity of them.



Gap is currently having a major sale! Up to 50% off site wide with an extra 20%off with code ‘staywarm’! I love buying Easton jeans during these sales. Gap Kids carries the best fitting jeans for tall and slim boys!

The sun finally came out yesterday in Southern California and it was such a refresh from the rain we’ve been having. Now if our temperatures would just get back to beach weather, we will be all set! I hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend… I’ll be cheersing the weekend away by the pool in Palm Springs =)