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The bath + bedtime routine is ever changing through out the early years of parenthood but I feel like we’re finally in a steady and sustainable routine. Having 3-year-old twins and two busy parents means our life is often very scheduled. We rely heavily on well-rested children so our next day isn’t a total disaster. This routine is one I’ve taken some time to perfect and have really put a lot of energy into it to make sure the babes comply!

From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |
From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |

We start our “evening routine” with a warm bath to get out a few of those last wiggles and giggles and hopefully start the calming effect. Bath time has always been one of my favorite parts of the day as a mom. For the babes, the bath is an instant calming notion… a nod to bedtime and a restful evening. Bath-time represents a break that is soon to come for this tired twin mama. With that said, bath time is also so much fun. I personally love the containment of the bathtub too! It allows me to prep for bedtime, lay out their pajamas and pull-ups, clean the bathroom counters and give the toilet a once over (because toddler boys).

My two never tire of splashing and water play but one thing they absolutely loathe during bath time is hair washing. I’m not sure if it’s an innate fear of drowning or the fact that we’ve used the wrong soap a few too many times and burned their eyes, but these two turn into an instant mess when I say it’s time to wash their hair. We recently started using JOHNSON’S® COTTONTOUCH™ infant shampoo because I thought that it would help with the burning of the eyes, it has 50% fewer ingredients than previous formulas and is the #1 choice of hospitals! It has honestly saved the last 10 minutes of bath time and has made it so much more pleasant. The babes no longer cry when it’s time to wash their hair and I love how nice it smells and I love that JOHNSON’S® has updated their formula to be free of parabans and sulfates. The new COTTONTOUCH™ line is also dye free, and worry free. With 90% naturally derived ingredients, the line is specifically designed to encourage touch and leaves behind no unwanted residue!

After hair washing, we ask them to put up all toys on the shelf in the bathroom and then “pull the plug” which is Easton’s favorite part! Then we’re off to the bedroom to lather up with JOHNSON’S® COTTONTOUCH™ Lotion. This new and improved formula absorbs supper fast and is soft to the touch! The babes love to self-lather and again, the smell and soft touch of this lotion is so good! I end up using it for myself most mornings too! After lotion is jammie time and then a story, sometimes two. The babes love reading so we have to be sure they don’t use this to “draw” out bedtime!


Here’s an overlook of the time frame we try to abide by.

6:30PM – Dinner

7:00 PM – Bath time / clean up time for mama

7:30 PM – Pajama Time

7:45 PM – Last potty break and water break!

8:00 PM – Lights out!


** They usually do not fall asleep until around 8:30 **

From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |
From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |
From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |
From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |
From Bed to Bath with Johnson's Cotton Touch |

We do one last potty break, water break and hug time before we turn on the Nursery Clock and then it’s lights out! We struggle with getting Everly to stay in bed and leave Easton alone so often times I’ll have to put her back in bed 2 to 3 times but overall this routine has helped them learn to calm their bodies and have a restful evening! Some nights are easier than others but overall, they do pretty well sticking to the routine! Here’s an overlook of the time frame we try to abide by.

Do you have a routine for bath and bedtime? Did it take you 3 years to perfect it like it did for us? I flex a little with the schedule but for the most part by the end of the day, I’m on auto-pilot so this just comes second nature to me! You can grab the COTTONTOUCH™ products from your local VONS! We love the ease of shopping at VONS, especially since it’s down the street from our house! If you enroll in the Baby Club offer, you’ll get $5.00 back for every $40.00 you spend on qualifying baby products! Such a great Deal!