It’s so easy to get caught up in life that we forget to actually live and do what makes us happy. This past week brought about a big change in my life (Read more about that here) and a few reminders of what’s important.

E swings |

I’ve been moving at a pace of “get things done as quickly as possible so I can get more things done” and I’m having to remind myself to slow down and live at their pace and learn to live little again. I’ve heard the advice and given it myself, but it’s so hard to remember when you are in the thick of it… the dishes REALLY can wait, they aren’t going anywhere, in fact, they’ll still be there tomorrow or the next day but your babies are going somewhere.

Ev swings |

Soon they will be crawling, walking, off to pre-k or college… yep, they are going places. So here’s a friendly reminder for you and me… take the time to live little, a few hours a day (or more) and live at their pace. SLOW DOWN, get down on the ground, roll around with them, swing with them, laugh with them and just enjoy them!

Twin swing |

Now that I’ve preached to the choir, I’m going to go live little with my own littles! Happy Monday!


Photos by Jolene with Facets Creative