8 Months? Really? Where has the time gone? I love that each month becomes my new favorite. The babes have really made leaps and bounds this month development wise. Easton is crawling and pulling up onto everything and side-stepping. Everly is a little less mobile but her cognitive skills are on point. The girl is aware… she knows when I leave the room, she watches and mimics, she babbles all day, and her spit bubble skills are off the charts =)

8 Month Update

Everly is our gentle soul and each month this becomes more and more obvious. She is content sitting and studying you, she has a very delicate heart and scares easily and she has the sweetest touch. She is truly a girl, through and through.

Easton is into EVERYTHING. He loves to point out our parenting fails by finding all of the things that we have yet to baby proof or ever thought would need to be baby proofed. He is partial to outlets, cords, dog food, and shoes!


My favorite thing about this age is their daily discovery of each other. Everly loves to watch Easton and is starting to mimic what he does. Easton will look back at Everly after crawling away and flash her the biggest grin!

Monthly Milestones

DIY Milestone Chalkboard Tutorial

I bought THESE monthly stickers and THIS chalkboard and made a monthly template with THESE markers. It took me a few months to get the right template down but I’m loving the final product. I try to get at least 3 things each month for the categories: I CAN, I LOVE, and WE. I also update their weight and height each month. After we take pictures with the board I use windex on a towel to erase the updates and keep the template.

It’s been so fun to look back and see their milestones and growth each month.