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Spending time working on my craft, meeting other photographers, and getting out of my element of shooting at the beach is one of my all time favorite things to do. This year I attended Photo Native, a conference for photographers.  I was surrounded my some of my favorite photographers in the industry and felt so inspired to shoot everything. I got to really focus on my film work and video work this trip and I’m so excited to share of a few of my images from the trip.

The conference was held in Palm Springs and there was tiny bits of inspiration every direction we looked. From bright colored doors to amazing views, this mid-century modern paradise in the desert is a spot that truly spoke to me. Speaking of inspiration, we stayed at The Ace Hotel for the trip and I couldn’t stop photographing the entire grounds. They had these adorable wooden signs with sayings that pointed you in the right direction, clean lines, and some of the best ‘instagrammable’ spots in all of Palm Springs. I’m already plotting my next stay at this adorable hotel!

I also shot a roll of black and white while I was in Palm Springs and I loved how moody it was. It was the perfect fit for our last day… it was a cloudy and rainy day and we were all a little sad that the trip was over. I was so excited to get these scans back and see how my vision played out! It was so amazing to get out of my everyday for 5 days and reignite my passion for photography!