A lifestyle family session at Scripps Pier Beach in San Diego California
A lifestyle family session at Scripps Pier Beach in San Diego California

I had such a blast photographing this gorgeous lifestyle family session at the beach. Baby ‘S’ was such a sweet little guy to work with and his spirit and love for the ocean was so obvious! He clearly has that California style going on, taking after his gorgeous parents! He had so much fun, he even crawled all the way in =)

“The memories of the ocean will linger long after the footprints in the sand are gone”

The beach just has a way of making all the cares in the world disappear. It’s like once your toes hit the sand, you can take a deep breath and just let it all go! That’s why I love photographing lifestyle family sessions at the beach, my families photograph so well in this gem of a place. Their smiles flow as free as the waves and the laughter just pours out! You can just feel the emotions through the camera, captured perfectly as they create memories of play and bonding. If the beach can’t bring a smile to your face, I’m not sure what will?!

Are you interested in booking a lifestyle family session? When you book with me you will get a photographer who cares not just about what you’re wearing, but how you’re feeling during our time together. My goal for your session is that you walk away happy and confident that we got the shot and that you maybe even had a little fun or created a new memory!

We will play, get our toes wet at the beach, dig in the dirt on the trails, and chase birds through the park. I would absolutely love to photograph you and yours making memories together! Find out more here.