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Challenging my self to shoot still life in my personal projects is one way I love to grow as a photographer. Every session, every trip, every moment is a learning experience. Seeing things differently, searching for angles and stopping to take notice of things that truly catch my eye is something I try not to take for granted. There are some days where looking through my lens can translate into my every day appreciation for life. I love to see moments as if they were frozen in time through my camera. It helps me to slow down. This trip was no different.

Earlier this year I set out to shoot more still life images in my personal projects. Essentially, things that aren’t ‘alive’ in the sense of humans but can be brought to life with the correct composition of a photograph. There are moments where I look at something and can just imagine it’s history. Pismo Beach and the surrounding area was just speckled with all sorts of interesting things! This souvenir stand at the entrance of the pier was one example. I was instantly drawn to it and it quickly became a still life muse for me. The old newspaper clippings and bold black printed letters just screamed “take a picture of me”!