Potty Training tips for twins with Baby Bjorn

June is National Potty Training month so I thought it would be a great time to recap our adventures in Potty training and update on how it’s going now…

Back in March I decided to delve into potty training. I wanted the babes potty trained before the summer and Ry, who mostly plays “good cop” around here, was gone for a week so it seemed like the perfect time to take on the task. Potty training twins, on my own, may not have been the best idea but we made it through.

When they say potty training is tough, they mean it. We went with the three day method and like every other parenting “method” I’ve followed, I adapted it to what worked best for me and the babes. My plan was to basically go three days bare bottom… not leaving the house. I placed these potty chairs in the living room and one in the nursery, rolled up my living room rug, laid out a bunch of towels and clorox wipes in preparation for the inevitable, and stock piled some “treats” like gummies and M&M’s.

Day 1 went surprisingly well. There were a few accidents but far less than I expected. Both babes took to the potty, they LOVED the treat system and seemed to really like being totally naked haha.

Day 2, all hell broke loose… there was pee everywhere and 2 ‘poop on the carpet’ incidents. Both babes were hating life and asking to wear diapers… I was about ready to throw in the towel and call it a day but thankfully I stuck with it.

Day 3 went pretty well too but I could tell the “3 day method” was going to be more like a 7 day method… which was fine, sometimes you have to roll with the punches and go at your own speed. There were a few accidents on Day 3 so we decided to venture out on a walk, we took the port-a-potty with us and wore loose clothing. We had two public accidents but I came prepared with a change of clothes so we made it work. Overall, it wasn’t a great day but not a bad day.

Potty training twins is really tough. Neither were on the same schedule for potty so it seemed like I was running back and forth to help one at a time every 5 minutes. And the few times they happened to go at the same time, it was because one would have an accident while I was tending to the other. If I were to give someone advice for potty training twins, I would say to NOT do it alone… have your partner there to help you clean up and tackle the mess because it is MESSY!

Potty Training tips for twins with Baby Bjorn

UPDATE : 3 months later…..

We’re on our 3rd month of being “potty trained” and I wouldn’t really say that I can call Everly potty trained. I thought she would be so easy because everything I’ve read says girls take to it better than boys but Easton has done far better. I still feel like we’re in training with her… she has days where she does so good, she’s excited to use the big girl potty and totally gets it, but I think she has some underlying (constipation) issues that have really held her back from being fully potty trained.

One of the hardest things about being a twin mom is learning NOT to compare your children to each other… they are two totally different kids. It can be so frustrating to see Easton be successful at something that Everly isn’t excelling at but then again I have to remind myself that they are two different kids.

Easton is for the most part fully potty trained. Like any other 2 year old, he gets distracted easily and can have an accident if I don’t remind him to use the potty, especially when we’re out playing. He is sweet about it and thoroughly enjoys his treats after potty. He’s even started to ask for “twos treat” haha.

The ‘3 day’ method has turned into the ‘3 month and going’ method… in hindsight, I should’ve waited a tad longer to start but they really were showing all the signs of wanting to start. They were taking off their diapers when wet or when poopy. Excited to try to use the potty, they’d pretend sit on it and say “I potty”. They loved wearing big kid undies for short stints and Ev was even telling me when she had to poop so we would try and go on the big potty. I truly thought they were ready.

We’re just starting to use a reward system in our house and my friend and amazing graphic Designer made this little freebie printable to share with all of you! I just love these cute little stickers! As you can see, her daughter (pictured below) is pretty ecstatic about using her YAY Potty Training Chart!

Potty Training tips for twins with Baby Bjorn

Potty Training Chart (click to download)

Potty Training Chart – Stickers (click to download)

Potty Training tips for twins with Baby Bjorn

And thank you to Bjorn for providing us with the cutest potties… head to my instagram page to enter to win your own BabyBjorn potty!!


Potty Training tips for twins with Baby Bjorn


I’ve linked up all our favorite potty training necessities to make it easy for you to get started!!