Y’all, I’m so excited about this new weekly series… I polled everyone on my instagram account and one of the main themes y’all wanted more of is affordable items mixed in with the conscious/sustainability and higher end pieces… I hope this series brings y’all a little bit of all of that. This series is exactly what the title says… a splurge option and a save option of various categories, something for every budget! I’ve searched high and low to bring y’all multiple options for some of my favorite pieces for mom, kids and home! I hope you all enjoy! 

First up in this new series: a few of my recent finds for Everly! I ordered a combination of the more expensive items and the budget friendly items and I’ll point out which is which under the category! I can’t wait for them to come in (darn Covid shipping delays)! 

SAVE | SPLURGE : Fall Girls Clothes

Floral Dress: SAVE | SPLURGE (ordered the splurge option)

White Blouse: SAVE | SPLURGE (ordered the budget friendly option)

Teddy Pullover: SAVE | SPLURGE (ordered both)

Leggings: SAVE | SPLURGE (ordered the budget friendly option and she’s already worn them twice! Decent quality for the price)

Combat Boots: SAVE | SPLURGE (ordered the splurge because the other pair wouldn’t ship in time for an upcoming trip)

So is this helpful? I truly hope so… I know budget friendly items are a must, especially for kids clothing… it’s hard to justify kids clothing when they grow so dang fast… like really really fast! Check back next week for another post!