I’m excited to share a few of my favorite beauty products with you all in the new year. It’s a topic I haven’t touched much on and one I get a bunch of questions on! Truth be told, I’m no beauty connoisseur.. I’m a creature of habit and once I find something I like, it takes a lot of convincing to get me to spend money on something new! Especially in the beauty department. The good thing about that is, I can give you a full scale review of why I like a product… the bad thing, I don’t try a lot of new products.

My favorite spot to shop for most of my beauty supplies is Sephora, mostly because they carry all my favorite products in one store so I don’t have to hop from counter to counter or store to store to get what I need! This is a busy moms dream! I shop most of my hair care products, skin care, and makeup at Sephora so today I wanted to share with you my top buys and keep reading through to the bottom of this post for an epic giveaway!



Okay so I’m a no fuss girl when it comes to my entire beauty routine but especially my hair! I want to be able to spray and go… I want curls that last 2-3 days and hair that doesn’t hold all the oil and grease my scalp thinks it needs. With the exception of my shampoo and conditioner, I use 3 products on my hair through out the week and all come from Sephora! I start by spraying this IGK styling primer on after I’ve washed my hair. It’s the best for detangling and protecting against heat!

Most days that I wash my hair, I will blow dry it, it just depends on if I have time to air dry. If I do, that is preferred. Then I curl it! Here’s the trick to long lasting curls… Texture spray! It’s so important to get one that works well for your hair! I love the DryBar Texture spray! It’s light, goes on easy and works so well.

The last product I use on my hair is hair spray and I’ve loved this for years… like 8 years. I’ve branched out and tried others but I always come back to the Bumble & Bumble. I use this throughout the day if my hair needs a little touch up or lift!


I wash my face every night and I alternate between this Tata Harper cleanser and another favorite, Epicuran Citrus Cleanser. Both are great and ‘clean’ from sulfates which is important for my skin!

I use a mask almost nightly, depending on the day… either a charcoal mask or a sleeping mask. I’ve raved about this Kypris mask in other blog posts but I found one that I love almost equally for half the cost! This Dior mask has a similar makeup and texture and gives me that glow when I wake up too! Last step to my skin care is eye patches… I put these in the fridge and use them almost every morning (because kids).


I use 5 products in my daily makeup routine because I don’t have much time to get all dolled up. I need the basics to be quick and easy! I start with this Laura Mercier concealer, it’s my favorite and covers those under eye circles so well, then I move on to my tinted moisturizer which is what I use as my base ( I don’t like thick makeup). I’ve found that the Laura Mercier line not only works well with my sensitive skin, but it goes on light and stays on all day! I also use this bronzer from the line. The last two things I do are my eyeliner , this is my favorite because it actually really is waterproof and it works so well… and mascara and poof… I’m ready for the day!

Sephora favorites + a giveaway
Sephora favorites + a giveaway

So that wraps up my beauty routine! There are a few other brands I do use and love that aren’t carried by Sephora, like Epicuran and Kypris but those products I use for a long time and don’t purchase as often so it’s easy to hop over to a store that carries them. So here’s the exciting thing… I’ve partnered up with some of my other favorite fellow bloggers to give you a chance to win a $500 gift card to Sephora! Follow the instructions below to enter!


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