September is such a strange but beautiful month in SoCal, it’s a little bit of endless summer vibes but the cravings of fall start to present themselves here and there. We still make our way to the beach often but find the leaves are hinting at a color shift, the apple farms are in full swing for picking and of course, the pumpkin spice starts making it’s way into every little thing.

This months edit is a slow transition from summer to fall, just like the socal september month.


Can you believe I just ordered a new swimsuit for summer? It took me a while to decide on what I wanted and a few that I had my eye on kept going out of stock. I’m so in love with this suit though. It’s the perfect fall transition suit. The fit is amazing on my full figured body and the fabric is like butter!

I ordered this multi purpose mask chain and I’m obsessed because lord knows I can’t keep track of my own brain, let alone a mask. Bonus, it’s made by one of my favorite stylists. Shopping small and supporting women is always a win!

Speaking of jewelry, I’ve had my eye on this ring for quite some time and I’m starting early with planting the “santa” seed or maybe I’ll just spring for it myself… it’s been a hard season ha… I just love the simplicity so much.

I’ve had a serious itch for a wardrobe overhaul lately. Maybe it’s the idea that we haven’t been in public for so long… I ordered this jumpsuit recently so I’m going to have to find some places to go to make sure it gets seen ha.

These casual sneakers are a must for any mom. I’m planning to wear them during up coming travel and for all the mom duties.

I’m also craving sweats lately now that the cooler weather has breezed back into SoCal. I absolutely loved the color of this set, top/bottom!

Speaking of cooler weather, it has me craving so much green. It’s one of my favorite fall colors. I’m love the color but also the shape and rib of this dress!

Fall in San Diego is still full of sunshine so I decided this month to invest in a few new hats. I’m loving this one and this one for casual days and this one to lead into winter.

And to finally, I’m thinking of adding another color of my favorite sandals to my wardrobe. I have worn my nude pair nearly everyday since October of last year and can’t say enough good things.

And to round out my September wishlist, I’ve been on the hunt for the most perfect rug for our bedroom. Trying to decide between a vintage rug or a new one but so far, this one is at the top of my list. I think I’ll wait until our new flooring goes into the house next month to make my final decision though!


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