Recently I tried something new to help me in my weight loss/mom bod journey… it isn’t a gimmick, it isn’t surgery, it isn’t some fast weight loss pill or detox tea, but it did result in changes that I haven’t seen in my body since before being pregnant with the twins! Have I peaked your interest yet? Y’all! I tried a new non-invasive treatment called Em-sculpt and it was just what I needed.

Prior to starting my Em-sculpt treatments, I had been pushing myself at the gym but between being a full time mom, a wife, and running a business, I wasn’t fulfilling my goals outside the gym. I wasn’t eating the right foods, not getting the right amount of rest and living off of carbs, coffee and wine. Once I scheduled my treatments and had my initial consultation with Dr. Silva, I switched up my eating habits and decided that alongside my Em-Sculpt treatments, I was going to really make some health changes in my life. I want to not only look good but I want to feel good. I want to be able to keep up with my kids and lead an active lifestyle. I want to bike them to school everyday without feeling like I need a two-hour nap afterwards. I want to feel good in a swimsuit for myself and radiate a level of confidence that I want my kids to feel, especially Everly.

Embarking on a weight loss/get fit journey as a mom of twins and full time business owner was made so much easier with the help of Em-Sculpt. It’s a whole lifestyle update! A little refresh to my health if you will. Em-Sculpt wasn’t a quick fix and it still isn’t, a few weeks post-treatment, I can tell that it was a jump-start to my goals. It has helped boost my metabolism and I’m seeing real results. Every day I’m making better choices in what I’m eating in conjunction with a solid workout/fitness routine and it is really paying off. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and do 30 minutes of cardio or more and 30 minutes of light weight/bbg workout. As far as diet goes, Dr. Silva recommends eating a whole food diet. I’ve been working my way up to this but my biggest weakness is chocolate and carbs. I’ve cut out carbs at night by making salad bowls (kind of like a chipotle burrito bowl) and I’m not eating past 7 PM! This means no more night-time desert but that’s okay. I have a small piece of chocolate after lunch for desert. Now don’t get me wrong, I still treat myself with a trip to Shake Shack or a Chick-Fil-A milkshake every now and then, I just know I have to work extra hard on those days!

While I was doing the treatments I asked you guys to give me some questions to ask about Em-Sculpt and you guys brought some really good questions to the table. I sat down with Dr. Silva and asked her the questions and here’s what she had to say!


Q: What is Em-Sculpt?

A: Em-Sculpt is the first FDA approved Electromagnetic therapy treatment to help build muscle in a safe and non-invasive way. It will help you reach your goal faster and you feel stronger quicker. You can go back to being a mom the second you walk out as there is no recovery period.

Q: What’s the Best Diet to Follow for optimal results?

A: Whole Food Diet is best for Optimal Results! The more colorful your plate is, the better! For women especially, it’s best to have at least twice as many veggies than fruit. Pick low-glycemic fruits for a great snack. Lean meats like poultry and fish, organic and wild caught are best. But the most important thing is to hydrate!

Q: Can I use this treatment on my Love Handles?

A: In short, no because love handles aren’t muscular. A great non-invasive option is the Cool Sculpt treatment that is offered at Dr. Silva’s office

Q: Does it Hurt?

A: No! The Em-Sculpt treatment uses electromagnetic technology to contract the muscle. You do feel the muscle contraction but I wouldn’t say it is painful! The technology also offers levels of contraction for your comfort.

Q: How Many treatments do you need to see results?

A: Em-sculpt is 4 treatments over the course of 2 weeks and results will be seen after a month post treatment and with regular maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the results will be long lasting.

Q: How can I maintain the results from em-sculpt.

A: If you received the treatment on your abdomen, the best maintenance will be a healthy diet and lifestyle along side a good workout regimen that includes planks! If you received the treatment on your butt, then squats is the best workout to maintain results!

**If you’re local to San Diego, mention this blog post at your visit with Dr. Silva and she will give you a $500 gift card for botox with your purchase of Em-Sculpt!**

Shaping Up | Em-Sculpt Review | Thoughts By Brandi_
Shaping Up | Em-Sculpt Review | Thoughts By Brandi_
Shaping Up | Em-Sculpt Review | Thoughts By Brandi_
Shaping Up | Em-Sculpt Review | Thoughts By Brandi_
Shaping Up | Em-Sculpt Review | Thoughts By Brandi_

I’ve been monitoring my weight since starting the Em-Sculpt and since starting the treatment to now, 3.5 weeks, I’m down 9 lbs! I still have about 15 pounds to shed to get to my ‘sweet spot’, which is my ideal weight where I feel good and am comfortable with how I look.

I can see so much change in my body since finishing Em-Sculpt! I have energy to keep going throughout the day and I’m not as cranky and tired. I feel like I’m a better mom because I’m keeping up with life and my kids all day long! Dr. Silva said that results will really start showing 1 month post treatment, I’ll do a follow up post in 3 weeks and let you all know my results after 1 month of the treatment! If you’ve been racking your brain on how to get going on a new lifestyle for yourself without surgery or gimmicks, I can’t recommend Em-Sculpt enough!