We’ve been battling an epic cold here for the past week and a half… complete with snotty noses, congestion, sleepless nights, and lots of extra snuggles. I seem to be a magnet for catching colds come fall and winter so I’m really hoping the babes follow after my husband, who hardly ever gets sick.

This is the second time the babes have caught a cold in their 9 short months of life so I’m sharing a few of my favorite items that have helped get us through.


Lets talk about the sniffles and snot… Being congested really effects the babes and their nursing so clearing it up is super important. I use the Crane Humidifier in their room to help moisten the air. To help clear their noses I use the hospital snot sucker (bulb syringe) because the store bought ones do not work as well and I spray a little saline in their nostrils and then suck it all out. It’s not pleasant for anyone but it gets the job done.

For the dried on snot, I love Boogie Wipes. When I was pregnant I saw these in the store and thought they were a load of BS and were basically overpriced baby wipes but NOPE, they work way better than baby wipes and are so much gentler on the face and little noses.

We do nightly baths already so when the babes are congested I love using California Baby Eucalyptus Ease bubble bath in the bath. It smells wonderful and helps us all to relax. After bath I apply a little breath easy rub onto the babes’ chest (I use this on myself too). They love it and I really think it helps them breathe easier through the night.Sniffles & Snuggles |

Crane Humidifier | Saline Nasal Spray | Snot sucker (from the hospital, the store bought ones suck, and not in the good way) | California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath | Boogie Wipes | Honest Company Breathe Easy Rub | Thermometer 


What remedies do you have to help you and your family get through the Cold and Flu Season?