Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. It’s probably one of my least favorite things to do. Funny thing is, each time I’ve taken that leap, I’ve never regretted it. So, I’ve made a choice. I weighed all the pros and cons, I went back and forth, I lost sleep, but I made a choice.




I’m stepping out of my comfort zone of the office and into my life at home, full time. I’ve always valued my work very highly and made it a priority, sometimes when it shouldn’t have been. I’ve realized that I can’t do ALL THE THINGS and by me working away from the home, some things were slipping to the wayside. Some REALLY important things. It’s amazing how two tiny humans can tug so hard at your heart strings and completely change your perspective on life.




I thought that this decision would weigh heavy on me but so far I feel very much at peace. I know that this is right for my heart and for my family. I’m so looking forward to enjoying these babes and this new time we have to spend together!


Outfit Details – Everly: Bow, Free babes; Baby Gap onesie and pants. Easton: Baby Gap Onesie and Pants.  Me: JCrew Sweater (old) and Joes Jeans.

(Photos Courtesy of Skkyy Photography)