15 month recap of life with twins

15 Months into this twin mama thing and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never actually know what I’m doing… Everyday is a guessing game and sometimes just when I think I’ve got it down, they throw me for a loop, like our naps… It’s always the naps…

15 month recap of life with twins

Here’s an update on babies at 15 months and motherhood at 15 months…



Saying/Communicating :

They haven’t changed much as far as language from last month… but they are getting more in tune with the meaning of words which is fun to watch. Easton has figured out that I can make the toys sing songs and fix the puzzles and read the books so he has started bringing these various items to me and saying “more mama more” which just melts my heart.

Milestones :

Easton is climbing on everything but especially loves to scale the dining room table. He loves to rake leaves with his mini rake, eat with utensils, and “read” books in his teepee. Easton is a big fan of giving hugs and kisses.

Everly is walking all over the place now, loves to play in my closet, try on her shoes and organize her fruit basket. She does not like receiving hugs but will tolerate kisses… very different from her brother.

Eating/diet :

Their current favorites are raisins, graham crackers and pretzel goldfish. We are big fans of Turkey hotdogs, mac and cheese and sauteed brocolli.

We don’t love cheddar goldfish but will tolerate it if mixed in to other snacks. And we really are not fans of sauteed spinach (I don’t blame them)

Easton is still sensitive to acidic foods but Ev doesn’t seem to have any food allergies or issues.

Favorites :

Favorite Books :  Giraffes can’t dance… They love to dance when ever I read the word, “dance”

Favorite Toys – Wheely bug still tops the list but they are pretty obsessed with their teepee as well. Their new favorite outside toy is their bubble machine… this provided us with almost an hour of straight fun the first day we got it.

Sleeping :

They still sleep through the night but Ev has had a few rough nights lately due to teething.

They are officially on ONE nap a day but last week for some reason they needed an afternoon catnap… Once I realized they were fussy from being too tired we started taking a 45 minute nap around 4:30. This helped tremendously… I think they were going through a growth spurt because this week we are back to ONE nap.

Daily Routine :

This is our “rough” schedule each day… times are not exact but usually within a 15 minute “give or take” window…

7:45  – Wake for the day and have a 9oz Bottle

8:15 – Breakfast : One of the following… Oatmeal, fruit and yogurt, waffles, or eggs.

8:45 – Playtime

9:30 – Walk to the park or go play in the yard

10:45 – Snack

11:30 – Lunch

12:00 – Nap

2:30/3:00 – Wake and eat a snack.

3:00 – Activity like the beach or park or run errands… We get out of the house at least once a day.

4:30 – Extra Nap Time (if needed) or Snack time… Usually some goldfish and a pouch and apple juice

5:30 – Dinner Prep while they play

6:00 – Dinner Time

6:30 – Bath Time

7:00 – 9 oz Bottle and Story time

7:15 – Bedtime!

15 month recap of life with twins


What is motherhood like, 15 months into the job?

It’s still and will most likely always be a challenge but with the hugs and kisses, it makes it well worth it. My biggest thing lately has been battling the need for personal space… I’ve never been much for “touchy feely” business but these babes LOVE to touch me in some form at ALL times… As sweet as it is, I’m learning to cope.

My Favorite part about 15 month old Twins :

Their new found love of sitting in my lap to read books… both of them, at the same time, will bring me separate books and want to “read” them… which means they just want to flip the pages really fast and touch all the colors.

Biggest Struggle of Mothering 15 Month old Twins :

Mobility… STILL… and now that Ev is walking, outings are getting much more challenging… she never strays too far away but Easton will hightail it to Mexico if I let him. I think we will be purchasing leashes in the near future.

Next Anticipated Challenge or Change :

Weaning the pacifier. We weaned the bottle this past month and it went super smooth with the help of THIS sippy cup… I’m not sure how we will or when we will wean the pacifier but that is next on our list!

15 month recap of life with twins


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    Noranda Duren

    April 13, 2016

    Love this and love how great of a mama you are to those love bugs!