I’m a tad OCD when it comes to packing our diaper bag. When lugging around two babies, the last thing I need is a giant overstuffed diaper bag to add to the mix. For that reason, I do my best to keep it packed with only the essentials that we need in our day to day routine. I think the only difference in packing a diaper bag for twins vs one baby is that you need more diapers.

Here are my top 10 diaper bag must haves!

Diaper Bag Essentials |

1.) Babyganics Sunscreen – This is a necessity for us in sunny San Diego. We are always out and about during the prime sunshine of the day and this sprays on and rubs in so easily.

2.) Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer – I searched high and low for a small and non drying hand sanitizer. This one is the perfect size for on the go and leaves my hands feeling clean and soft, not dryed out.

3.) Happy Yogis Yogurt and Fruit Snacks – As of late, the babes have turned into big snackers and are constantly munching. These are great for on the go because the bag is slim and resealable!

4.) Diapers – I calculate how many we will need per outing but I keep a small pack in the car as well just in case we go through more than my calculations.

5.) Wipes – I’m not a huge fan of Huggies Wipes but I love this tote for wipes. It’s refillable and keeps the wipes from drying out.

6.) Hats – As mentioned before, we are always out in the sunshine so hats are a necessity.

7.) Swaddle Blankets– These are so universal. They are lightweight and don’t take up much space and can be used for anything. I use them as sun shades, blankets and burp cloths on occasion.

8.) Toys – I always pack a few toys/teethers in the bag to help entertain them when we are on the go.

9.) Lysol wipes (not pictured but total necessity) – The dirtier the item, the more apt Easton is to put it in his mouth. These are great to have to wipe down the swings at the park, the shopping cart, toys that have fallen on the ground, etc.

10.) Pacifiers (not pictured but also total necessity) – I keep an arsenal of pacifiers in the side pocket of the diaper bag for easy access and melt down prevention.

Diaper Bag for 2 |

I always keep a few mommy essentials in the bag such as hair ties, chapstick, nursing cover, phone, wallet and keys too. What diaper bag must haves do you take along?

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