An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!

I was reading over a few past blog posts and realized it’s been quite some time since we did a recap on life with twins. If I could use one word to describe life with almost three year old twins, it would be BUSY! These two are constantly on the move from sun up to sun down. They’ve even started refusing to nap (on occasion) and while it’s exhausting, seeing their personalities shine through and their independence grow is so refreshing. The nap rollercoaster has been our biggest challenge as of late, it’s incredibly inconsistent which can make it tough to plan the day, especially for a Type A mama like myself. We’ve been doing a lot of redirecting when they don’t nap so yesterday we redirected ourselves to the beach with a friend in hopes that would brighten our moods… it was also refreshing to take my camera and snap some sunset images of the babes! Read on for a little update on life lately with twins!

Everly definitely seems to resemble me in more ways than one. Shes strong but way too sensitive, she gets her feelings hurt if you look at her the wrong way but yet she will defy you with every fiber of her being and with total disregard to any consequence. It’s sort of hilarious. She’s bossy and she talks non-stop about anything and everything. She knows exactly what she’s saying too, whether you’re following along or not, you should probably just agree with her to spare yourself the argument ha. She has really started to enjoy dressing herself and has been coming up with all sorts of interesting combinations. She’s also currently obsessed with her Keen Hiking sandals because they’re pink… they match with nothing but she rocks them and we’re going with it! She’s 100% into baby dolls and pretend play right now. It melts my heart but can also be a little eye-opening when I hear her tell one of her baby dolls “no ma’am, that was very bad, we don’t do that” (wonder where she hears that ha)

Easton on the other hand has turned into quite the little mama’s boy. I’m not complaining though and I don’t have a preference over genders but there is something so precious about a boy’s love for his mama. He can give me a look that completely melts my heart and reduces me to tears (yes, I’ve actually cried after he has smirked at me). He’s also stubborn as a mule and get’s fixated on his toys like nothing I’ve ever seen. He will search high and low for one particular toy until he finds it. He is a guy who knows EXACTLY what he wants and there is no convincing him otherwise. This can get a little tricky at dinner time when he’s requested a certain food that we don’t have or when we’re at the beach and he’s decided he needs the blue shovel but we only brought the orange one. You get the picture. He’s also incredibly sweet. He’s started to request kisses and hugs and can really get his feelings hurt if Dad leaves for work without giving him a hug and kiss or if we hang up a FaceTime session with Nonni and he forgets to give her a kiss. His heart is gold!

An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!

An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!

An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!

An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!

An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!


A few of their current favorites…

– Easton is obsessed with excavators of all sizes.

– Everly is really loving Elena of Avalar right now, I kinda think it’s cute too so that’s okay haha

– Harry and the Hendersons is Easton’s favorite movie/show currently.

– Ev’s favorite shoes.

– Ev’s favorite dress, so she can twirl!

– Easton’s favorite book.


A typical ‘day in the life’ with almost three year old twins goes a little something like this…

7:00 – Wake up

7:30 – Breakfast

8:00 – get dressed and ready for the day and talk about our adventure or get ready for school (they only go two days a week)

9:00 – School or adventure!

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Nap (sometimes earlier or later depending on the days’ adventure)

3:00 – Up from nap (most days they’re up by 2:30 but they get a little screen time while I work until 3)

4:00 – A few hours at the YMCA so I can get in a good workout or sit down and work some if needed

6:00 – Dinner

6:30 – Bath

7:00 – Story Time with dad (if he’s home by then)

7:30/8 – Lights out! Wine time!

Our routine is pretty standard and I’m still enforcing nap time or quiet time regardless of actual sleep, simply because I need the mid day break! Being a mom of a twins never grows old mostly because we’re so busy that I don’t have time to reflect on how tiring raising twins is haha. It’s incredibly unique, challenging, and amazing all at the same time. Now, don’t get me wrong… life isn’t all cupcakes and roses, sometimes I’m dealing with two tiny ticking bombs, not sure when or what will set one off. That’s the “challenging” part of being a twin mom. Toddler tantrums have really kicked off and can affect all our moods so we’re doing our best to really enforce using our “words” when we’re angry but sometimes there is just no reasoning with toddlers. I’m totally guilty of bribery and redirecting when needed because sometimes you just have to do what is best for your sanity!

(Side note, You’ll notice, Everly alone in a lot of these images, that would be because she’s been big into having her photo taken lately and Easton can’t be bothered to sit still long enough for a quick snap haha)


An update on life with twins, almost 3 years old!