Being a mom of multiples means I’m always on the hunt for anything that will make my life easier. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a wagon for a few reasons… mainly, I’m not okay with being the family pack-mule and I know wheeling a load of things to the beach is always so much easier than carrying it all.

When I first laid eyes on the Veer Gear Wagon, I was intrigued. It’s sleek and looks more like a luxury SUV than a standard wagon. I liked that it wasn’t bright colored or made out of canvas or heavy metal. I also loved that it can grow with you and has a handful of extremely useful accessories. I scored our wagon second hand from a friend who said she never used it. I was so excited but also a little nervous that maybe there was a reason she never used it.

I like to wait and review things, especially baby gear and toddler gear after we’ve had a good amount of time to use it and get a thorough feel for it. I can happily say that I use the Veer gear a ton and am so glad we got it. I’m going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly in this post so please note that this is not sponsored and is a fully honest review!



Aesthetically pleasing – this wagon is sleek. It looks more like a modern stroller but with the form and function of a wagon.

Easy to clean – the Veer is made to get dirty… we’ve taken it into our muddy canyon, to the beach, and all around town. We just hose it off and let it air dry when it gets dirty… easy peasy!

Push and pull – the wagon handle can be locked into an upright position to pull next to you or push like a stroller and then can be unlocked to pull like a regular wagon.

Storage – for our tiny home, this was big! You can easily pop the wheels off and the Veer wagon folds almost completely flat.

Comfort – The babes really like it. Easton has even curled up and taken a cat nap in it (I put a blanket in the footwell and it worked perfectly).

Longevity – I love that I can add a storage basket, cup holders, snack tray, nap system, car-seat attachment, and canopies to this wagon! It makes for longevity in use and versatility. It can be used for baby, kids, and then to pull things like a basic wagon when the kids outgrow it.


I was hard pressed to find the bad but there are a few things that could use improvement –

Brakes – I wish the brake was a little easier. I like the placement but for a beach day when I’m often barefoot, it’s hard to unlock without stubbing my toe. A lever brake would’ve made more sense.

Weight – the Veer Gear Wagon comes in at a whopping 32.5 lbs… this is just .5 pounds lighter than my double side by side stroller. I was a little shocked at the weight but it is lighter than an old fashioned metal wagon so that’s a plus.


Price – There is only 1 “ugly” and that is the price. For $599, I would expect the storage basket and canopy to come standard in addition to cupholders and the snack tray, as they would on a stroller. The idea of this wagon is that it can replace the need for both a stroller and wagon but if it doesn’t come with standard accessories, it does defeat that theory.

The wagon is nearly double the cost of it’s competitor, Keenz, and the Keenz is sold with nearly all of it’s accessories. In comparison, I do like the functionality and form of the Veer much more but if numbers is your main concern, the Keenz will win.

Veer Gear Wagon Review |
Veer Gear Wagon Review |
Veer Gear Wagon Review |

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the Veer Gear Wagon and the babes and I both utilize it almost daily. They love piling their scooters and helmets in it when they want to explore on our walks or riding in it when they need a break. It’s nice that they can hop in and out on their own terms without needing help and I also love that it pushes like a regular stroller or pulls like a wagon.

With all that said, I’m thankful we were able to score ours second hand but after 2 months of using it, I think I would have shelled out the money for a full price wagon. We do truly love it and I think it will outlast our strollers in terms of need and usage. I also think this could easily replace my tandem stroller. I foresee this wagon going beyond car-seats and scooters into sports equipment and family trips as the kids get older. While it is definitely an investment, I think it’s one that will pay off in longevity and usage!