Y’all, who doesn’t LOVE Amazon? Especially in these crazy times we’re living in, from the fast shipping to the wide array of in stock items, it’s a must! I want to start sharing more with y’all so I figured I’d start here with unloading my amazon purchases each month onto the blog!

This month we’re settling into a new routine of distance learning and work hours and also revamping a few of our spaces, given that we’re spending so much time at home now! Last month, I spent a good amount of time prepping for the space revamps and did a bit of shopping on amazon to help me.

Here’s a few of my favorite and super random Amazon buys for the month of August!


We’ve spent a lot of time prepping for distance learning last month. I picked up these twist crayons and these paint sticks for art class. This book stand will come in handy for holding the ipad but I also plan to utilize this in the kitchen for cook books! These kid sized journals are great for just about anything your kiddo is working on. I also picked up these cute little pouches to organize our school supplies!

Since we’re spending loads of time at home, I’ve been finding ways to make our house more comfortable. One of my favorite ways to do that is add more throw pillows, it’s also a great way to annoy your husband. I refreshed our couch pillows and bought a few of these pillow inserts! I also splurged on these rug pads for all of our rugs to help with sliding and make them feel more plush. I ordered the 1/4 thickness for our living room and kitchen and then 1/8th for the bedroom rugs!

 These grow bags have been used a ton in our garden renovation. We ordered a few more for potatoes this season.

I grabbed a few new books for the kiddos for our camping trip and this one and this one are two favorites!

And to finish off our random assortment of amazon buys this month… if you follow me on instagram, you know we upgraded our cargo bike. I ordered a few essentials that I always keep with me like this Sunscreen and first aid kit to store in the bike!