One of my most asked questions I get any time I post about the babes room is where their bunk beds are from so I thought I’d share some of my favorite bunk beds for all budgets and why I love bunk beds for small spaces!

I did so much research when it came time to purchase a bed because a.) I’m picky and B.) I knew I needed something that worked in a small space.

I adore the built in bunk bed look but knowing we would be moving in a few years, I chose to find a bunk bed that gave me that look without the permanent commitment. I also had some other requirements, I needed a low bunk bed because my kids were young when we put them in bunk beds and I needed white. I wanted it to transition seamlessly into their room and at the time, they had mostly white furniture (see this post for what their room looked like as a nursery). I also wanted modern but not too modern. Yes, like I said, I’m picky ha.

We got the babes bunk bed on sale and while they are definitely an investment, I think it’s a design that will last us a while, even when the kids are no longer sharing a room. Here are some of my favorite low bunk beds on the market for small spaces and every budget.


Best Bunk Beds for Small Spaces
Best Bunk Beds for Small Spaces
Best Bunk Beds for Small Spaces