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HOME – Sharing our Mid Century Modern bungalow in Southern California. Design details, home interior design inspiration and small space living. Organization tips for small space living with kids.

Small Space Living | 3 lessons learned |


As some of you know. We’ve settled life into a 900 sq.ft. mid century bungalow. While we have loved every minute of the past 4 years spent living small, it has also taught us so many lessons, tricks, and tips that I thought would be fun to share in a new series called “Small Space Living”!
I want to kick off the series with chatting about the how we unintentionally ended up living small and 3 surprising lessons it has…


When we found out we were expecting, I thought of all the possibilities for our little ones room and dreamed up the perfect nursery. Then we were hit with TWINS… say what? That’s right, twins. My first thought was how are we going to all fit in our tiny house?

Our house is tiny, not like the tiny houses you see on HGTV but tiny in it’s own right. We have a 900 sq ft, two bed one bath Mid…