The kids’ Easter baskets have become one of my favorite things to put together! I love all the pastels and cute spring items to choose from and coming up with a theme is always fun! We’ve been planning out our little urban garden lately so I thought it would be so cute to involve the twins with Garden Party Easter baskets!

To say I went all in on my theme would be an understatement. With all the craziness going on in our world right now, putting these baskets together really brought me joy and something to look forward to! I made these gender neutral and I think kids of all ages would enjoy this set up! A little something for everyon, plus if you start ordering now, everything should arrive on time too!

For more ideas, check out last year’s Easter post too!

Garden Themed Easter Baskets

Garden Themed Easter Baskets

1.) The Luggi Basket – this will serve as the kids Easter basket… I’ve been wanting to get these for them and now that we’re home bound for a while, they’ve been carrying a plethora of toys to the new play house and all around the house. I think these will get a ton of use!

2.) Books – Here’s a few I ordered and this one that we already have is a favorite!

3.) Seed Kits – I loved these kits I found. They aren’t ‘kids’ but they matched my theme and I think they’ll be perfect for planting!

4.) Tools – It took me a while to find these mini tools and they were just what I wanted!

5.) Apron – I love this simple apron. The kids can put their tools in them and garden without mess (or atleast I hope)

6.) Toys – I ordered a few classic toys to go with our color scheme and these cute bunnies for Everly’s doll house.

7.) Arts and Crafts – I love adding a few extra activities to fill up the basket and these were all on theme and super cute! I’ll use the mat for snacks all year too!

I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they see that the Easter Bunny brought them Garden Party Easter Baskets… we all need a little positivity in light of current events! Happy shopping to all my fellow Easter bunnies out there!