I’ve been really focusing in on our lifestyle lately and what we’re doing as a family to promote sustainable living and lessen our personal carbon footprint. One easy way for me to do this is through what we buy and how we use what we buy. It means creating Less waste and buying quality materials that are sustainably made and from brands that are emphasizing environmental consciousness. The balance here can be tricky though because often buying sustainable means spending more money because of the efforts it takes from the producers to use clean materials and quality labor. One area that I truly struggle is with the kiddos. It’s hard to justify spending loads of money on sustainably made kids clothing when they grow so fast and are so hard on their clothes.

I’ve been an H&M shopper for a while but I just love seeing that they are putting such an emphasis on being conscious about their impact on our environment and that they are staying in an affordable price range for most people! I picked out a few fall picks for the kiddos and this is what we ordered. I’ll do a big round up of fall clothes for kids next week but wanted to share these now because some of them are great price points that I know will sell quickly!

Evie was so excited because I let her take a break from distance learning and she helped me pick out all of these clothes!


These liberty prints in this dress and this matching set were my favorite for Evie, they reminded me of my favorite LA boutique brand, Doen.

I don’t wear a lot of yellow but it sure does look so cute on Evie. Her bleach blonde hair and light skin pulls it off so well! I grabbed this dress and this matching skirt set for her…. they looked super comfy for distance learning days too!

H&M is probably one of my favorite stops for kiddo basics and this set of leggings and cozy sweater were no exception.

I ordered this black set for halloween inspired outfits and Evie was super excited. It’s her and Easton’s favorite holiday!

Lastly, this was not in the conscious section but as soon as Ev saw it, she instantly was in love and I couldn’t resist getting it for her. The print on the corduroy is so cute and perfect for fall into winter!

Kids Fall Outfits | Sustainable Fashion


HM has the best basics like I said earlier… and he’s kind of a basics guy. He likes no fuss outfits that he can pull together himself and are easy to match. I try and stick with solids or simple prints for him.

These joggers are my favorite to pair with these henleys!

Simple is key so a basic short with a hoodie is right up his alley.

Also loved these pants paired with this tshirt

And Evie picked this shirt out for Easton and these undies I know it’s going to be his favorite!

Kids Fall Outfits | Sustainable Fashion

Keep your eyes open for more sustainable posts on the blog. It’s a lifestyle shift I think is so important to partake in and I’m so excited to share with y’all what I find in this category!



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