Can y’all believe it’s March? I can’t… this month is going to be a great month for our family. We get to celebrate an intimate family wedding, right here on Coronado, and many more exciting things to come this month!

Here’s a few things I’m coveting for March. There’s just something about spring season in California. It’s a lighter season, starts to get warmer, and things bloom early here. Ready to swap out all of my little black dresses for little white dresses and start drinking iced lattes! Bring on spring!


I’m all about that sweatsuit life and I’ve been loving the rise of matching sweatsuits in a short version for summer! I ordered this one but also found this and really like it too!

Speaking of sweats. The embroidery on this set (top|bottom) is spring encompassed.

March in San Diego is the start of beach weather. We get a few warmer days sprinkled into the cooler ones and it’s just enough to make me want to pull out my swimsuit and bake in the sun. I have this in other colors but am loving the white.

And because one can never have enough cover ups, I love this crochet dress. It’s very reminiscent of the early 2000’s, Britney in that crochet bikini on the beach in her music video. Anyone recall this? Am I showing my age?

And because what is spring without a new pair of sandals. I actually fell in love with these last year but hesitated. They remind me a lot of the St. Laurent pair that I love but half the cost.

I just switched over my skincare to using the entire Necessaire line. I was influenced by instagram… It’s living up to the hype and the best part, the natural deodorant hasn’t left me nearly as stinky as other brands I’ve tried!

{ body wash | body lotion | body exfoliator | body serum | deodarant }

I have had my eye on this Chloe bag for YEARS but have never pulled the trigger and then the other day I was browsing and found this similar version and I think I may need to grab it for spring and summer!

White collared dresses have been showing up every where lately. I love this one and this budget friendly mini dress option too!

Like I said earlier, March in San Diego can still be cool with a bit of summer like days mixed in. I pretty much always grab a sweater to take along with me and this pretty shade of pink caught my eye.

Lastly, this mug! I ordered it last week and have used it every day for drinking my tea while walking the kids to school. EVERYONE needs this! I may need to order another so we can resume our happy hour afternoon walks now that the weather is warming up!