After 2 years of sending the babes off to preschool, you’d think I’d have this lunch packing gig down to a T but everyone knows 4 year olds can be very choosy about what goes in their lunch box and moms don’t always get it right. Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen victim to a boring lunch! After a few lunches were brought home uneaten last year, I knew I needed to step up my lunch game for the new school year. No more boring lunches around here!

This post is sponsored by Sargento but all opinions and ideas are my own!

Like many schools now a days, our school is a nut free school, which means a classic PB & J sandwich or spin on it, is out. It also means a lot of “easier” items like trail mix are also out. Items I try to stick to are deli meat, sliced cheeses (our favorite are Sargento ® Sliced Cheese), pretzels, and fresh fruits and vegetables! . I’ve scoured Google and Pinterest for quick and easy recipes and I’ve settled on a few that I can’t wait to make for lunches this year! This year I’m vowing to make more meals rather than just simple sandwiches. More hot lunches with gooey melted cheese, maybe even pack a soup or some more veggies with dips!

One of my favorite, easy things to make for the kids are baked croissant roll ups. I love these so much because not only are they quick, they can easily be switched up so the meal never gets stale or boring. Evie really loves to help me make these. Her favorite task is to roll up the croissants after I’ve stuffed them. I think it’s because her love for cheese runs deep and she also doesn’t mind getting her hands a little messy! These are the perfect mini meal for her and Easton to enjoy!

My go to simple and easy recipe for baked croissant roll ups is an avocado turkey sandwich. A twist on a classic grilled cheese but so much better. I start with the croissants laid flat. Then I lay a slice of Sargento Medium Cheddar cheese on it. Fold the natural cheese slice in half for the perfect fit. Then add on a slice of Turkey meat from the deli and last, add a slice or two of avocado. Roll it all up and place on an oiled baking sheet. I bake on 350 for 16 to 18minutes and the result is the perfectly melted and baked Croissant Roll up!

The babes love to take these to lunch because they’re quick and easy to eat. I love packing them for lunch because they’re nutritious and filling and I think the teachers like them too because they don’t make too much of a mess! The Sargento cheese really makes the recipe! It’s natural cheese and not processed and the kids love the taste, especially Everly. The cheese slices melt so evenly in our croissant roll ups and really gives them the extra gooey factor everyone loves! If Ev could have it her way, she’d live off of Sargento ® cheese slices. Can you blame her? They really taste that good!

Preschool Lunches with Sargento
Preschool Lunches with Sargento
Preschool Lunches with Sargento
Preschool Lunches with Sargento

I’m hoping that my elevated lunches are a hit this year because I hate the idea of the babes not eating their lunch! Eating a nutritious and filling lunch, made with Sargento Cheese slices will help get them through the long school day so they don’t burn out! I told Easton that eating all his lunch may even make him run faster and jump higher at recess. I think he bought it! Do you have a go to lunch recipe? Share with me below!