Last month, the babes and I took a little weekend trip up through the central coast of California. Traveling with kids is never easy but it’s always so worth it. It was such an amazing trip and has my itching to get back up there and explore more. We started the trip off in Pismo Beach and the drive up from San Diego was amazing. The babes did great once we got through LA and the views along the coast highway were everything they’re cracked up to be. Breathtaking is truly the word I would use to describe it. The central coast of California is unlike anything I’ve seen. The cliffs that line the water, the beautiful juxtaposition between farm land to the east and majestic beaches to the west was amazing to drive through. It is a drive I will definitely make again!

We made our way up to the Inn at The Pier in Pismo Beach. When we pulled up, I knew we would have the best time. The hotel is so cute and the staff is just the friendliest which makes traveling with kids so much easier! Disclaimer… I’m about to way overshare in the image department! We had so much fun and I just snapped away all weekend!

Pismo Beach | A weekend trip. Travel with kids. Travel through California.
Pismo Beach | A weekend trip. Travel with kids. Travel through California.
Pismo Beach | A weekend trip. Travel with kids. Travel through California.

The truth about this trip though, I was tired and I know that traveling with kids is tiring. I was reeling off of a solo camping trip with the babes the weekend before and then Ryan had been gone on a work trip the whole week. I was exhausted and was apprehensive to travel with the babes alone. If there is one thing that makes me “not me”, it’s being tired. I just don’t perform well, I’m grumpy and I snap easily.

Thankfully, the babes were equally as tired and surprisingly well behaved. I decided that since we were there to promote the hotel, it would be totally okay to slow down and just enjoy the amenities of the hotel. This was the best decision ever! We enjoyed lounging, ordering room service, and staying bundled up in the plush robes the hotel provided. We spent quite a few hours swimming at the pool and the rest of the time was spent splashing in the shower and watching Halloween movies and eating dessert in our room! It was perfect!

While we did spend a majority of our time lounging, we got out and walked around the property and pier nearly every morning after breakfast. It was perfectly foggy and made for the most beautiful strolls around the pier. I loved that the boardwalk wrapped around the sides of the pier so we could take a good 3 block walk along the shoreline.

We typically explore way more on our little trips but the change of pace was so welcomed. I needed the slow down and down time and I think the babes did too.

Pismo Beach | A weekend trip. Travel with kids. Travel through California.

So why travel with the babes if I’m tired? Becuase a change of scenery does us all a wondrous amount of good. The change of schedule and shake up from our norm. The good food and not having to cook… towels folded and beds made that I didn’t have to do… and oh if you’re worried about meltdowns, yes, yes they absolutely 100% happen… sometimes multiple times in one day, in public, involving screaming and shouting. But hey, they’re going to meltdown at home or in a hotel. They’re going to meltdown…. at least if they meltdown on vacation then I’ll have a pretty view or can order a bottle of wine to room service.

So with that said, don’t let the fear of traveling with kids hold you back. It will likely be work. They will likely act up at some point but the experience and culture and just change of pace you’re providing them is unparalleled!

Stay tuned for pictures from our short stay in Ojai and our adventure on our way to Ojai! The whole three day weekend was too much goodness for one single blog post!