We just booked a spring break trip to Austin and I’m so excited because I can finally start thinking about wearing warmer clothes, spending time outside, and checking off my spring wishlist, one item at a time! I’m sure it’s obvious but winter in Chicago is long and brutal (and they say this year was mild)… especially for this Southern California transplant. I’m missing the beaches and fair weather more than ever so I’m infusing those elements into our home and closet this spring.

I know we still have a bit of winter weather left to endure. To pass the time spent indoors on these dreary days, I decided that I’d attempt to manifest warmer weather by getting a head start on spring with some changes around the home and filling some gaps in my closet. Here’s my spring wishlist.



My goal for spring fashion this year is to be relaxed but put together. In fact, my wardrobe has been shifting this way for a while. I love the look of these pants. Comfortable but the silk and shape adds a certain pulled together appeal. I’m looking forward to styling these this spring. They’re perfect for travel and relaxing outdoor with an afternoon Aperol spritz! I’m linking a similar pair here and here but the ones shown above are these!

I’ve been eyeing these sandals now for many many seasons and I think this year, these will be my sole spring summer and fall shoe purchase. I’m a huge fan of basics and these are such an elevated basic. You can dress them up with dresses or down with jeans and I love the versatility. I think they’ll be the perfect seasonal addition to my wardrobe. DisclaimerI’ve been scouring the internet for a great second hand pair and saving all my birthday gift cards but here’s some food for thought. After reading many reviews, people who own these shoes have had them resoled a few times over the course of 10 years and they still look great! Imagine how many pairs of sandals would end up in the landfill over 10 years and how much money would’ve been spent in 10 years on new shoes. Sometimes investing in the right pieces can be good for your wallet and the earth!

I was recently gifted an amazon gift card for my birthday and I immediately ordered this book for inspiration in our backyard renovation and garden planning. If you’ve watched Bravo’s Backyard envy, then you’re familiar with the owners of Manscapers. I have been a fan of their work and designs for a bit and am excited to infuse some of their thoughts into our backyard design this spring!

I also ordered this cookbook and it’s helping me make a list of what I want to grow in my garden this year so I can make some yummy drinks and recipes out of it! Plus, it’s very easy on the eyes and has such spring and summer vibes!

This body oil has been popping up everywhere so I finally took the plunge and ordered some to try it out and see if it was all it is hyped up to be. I’ll report back when it arrives but who doesn’t need a little extra moisturizing after a long winter season?!

I ordered these sheets for the twin’s new beds this last summer and both Ryan and I love them so we plan to order ourselves a pair… a little refresh of home linens always sets the tone for the changing seasons.

I started compiling this spring wishlist a few weeks ago but got ahead of myself and ordered these shoes! I’ve been wearing them for long walks with Millie after we drop the kids at school and I really like them. They’re super comfy and lightweight and also have great traction in the ice. I highly recommend and may order the waterproof version for spring!

I may need to tone my arms a bit before spring but I’m excited to wear tanks again. This one is great for layering with cardigans or on it’s own paired with jeans. The neckline cut feels fresh and the color is a great neutral.

One thing I miss so much about our home in San Diego is our insane amount of olive trees. We had mini Ollie’s lining our entire front yard, olive bushes filling our patio planter beds, and two larger olive trees that were planted in our garden makeover we did in summer of 2020. I miss clipping the branches and always having live fresh clippings around our home. I plan to plant an indoor olive tree here but I also ordered these to dry out and then display in vases around the house. A little San Diego lifestyle in our old Chicago home.

And lastly, what’s a cool spring day or evening without a great sweater? I love spring for that reason. I’m a bit of a sweater junkie, especially when it comes to neutral shades. This striped sweater has just enough of a nautical appeal to it that it is bringing me good beach memories and this other longer fisherman sweater pictured is perfect for spring… I can see it layered over a tee shirt for warmer days, paired with white jeans or even the silk pants I’m coveting. That perfect relaxed yet pulled together vibe.

If you can’t already tell by the tone of this post and my extensive spring wishlist… I am very ready to welcome in the new season. Winter hibernation was good for a bit but I’m excited for blooming trees, green grass, warmer temperatures, and some good ole fashioned time outside. Here’s to hoping that time comes sooner rather than later!