Selecting all new lighting for an entire home can be a daunting task, especially when you’re working within a budget. Lighting can be such a statement and when picking it out, you want it to reflect not only your home, but your personal style as well. In my opinion, a bad light fixture choice can ruin an entire rooms’ aesthetic (think boob lights) and that’s why it’s so important to really take your time with choosing your lights! Making this lighting plan and visualizing all of the light fixtures together really helped me to solidify my choices!

I knew our home beckoned for an exciting lighting plan. It has great 10 foot ceilings through out the entire home with beautiful old crown molding and plaster ceilings. I wanted the eye to draw up but I also knew I was working within a budget. There are no shortages of high end, beautiful light fixtures but finding budget friendly beautiful lighting was quite the challenge. I wanted the high end look  (champagne lighting shall we say) but needed it on my beer budget which has really been a theme for our entire renovation … Want to know how I did/am doing it?

Shop ALL the sales!

Warehouse sales and holiday promos are where I scored our big box lights: I had a few in mind and so I would “stalk” them and wait for them to go on sale. Rejuvenation Hallway lights (this one and this one) our west elm bedroom light (this one) and Everly’s Pottery Barn Kids bedroom light (this one) were all from sales!

Facebook Market place!

Type in the brand or type of light you need for your search “rejuvenation sconce” “farmhouse light” “flush mount light” “brass chandelier” etc. I scored this light for Easton’s bedroom and these sconces for the laundry room on facebook marketplace for a fraction of the cost of new and I didn’t have to wait for shipping!


So this is an untapped space for lighting in my opinion! I have found some “designer inspired” lighting from artisans all over the world by shopping lighting on Etsy and it’s usually so much less expensive than ordering from big box stores! I found sconces for the main bathroom upstairs, our kitchen sconces, our dining room light, our living room light, and our guest room light all on Etsy!

Google Image search!

If I find a light at a more high end store like Lulu and Georgia, I google search it and see if there’s a store that carries it for less or for a store that may have that light marked on clearance. Our bathroom lighting I found for a fraction of the cost just by google searching it. This light and this light!

Shop Open Box options!

There are so many beautiful fans out there and Home Depot has the ugliest selection of them all in the store (it’s true, sorry). I shopped both of our sunroom fans on amazon. Open box is usually 20% off or more of the original cost. I found both of these as open box and they were more than $100 off the original price!


** I do want to do a little disclaimer before you click links… I scored all of our lights with my tips above, either on major sale or through second hand sourcing. I got that high end look without breaking the bank. I’ve linked the actual product of our homes lighting plan so the links below are not necessarily budget friendly. I will do a few posts in the future with links to high end looking, budget friendly lights!

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Whole House Lighting Plan

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13  | 14 | 15

Main Floor Bath: Sconce (1 in picture above) | Flush Mount Light (7)

Kitchen and Dining: Sconces (4) | Black and brass Chandelier (12)

Living Room And Hallways: Living room Chandelier (14) | Hallway Light (10)

Primary Bedroom and Sunroom: Flush Mount Drum Light (8) | Three arm Brass  Chandelier (11) (this is sold out but I found a similar one on Amazon!

Second Floor Bathroom: Sconces (6) | Flush Mount light (7) (same as main floor bath)

Easton’s Bedroom: Serge Moulle Ceiling mount chandelier (2)

Everly’s Bedroom: Flower Light flush mount (NOT PICTURED but click because it’s good)

Guest Room Light: Brass Chandelier(3)

Main Floor Sun Rooms: Brass and Black Ceiling Fan (15) | Small Black Ceiling Fan (13)

Basement Lights: Woven shade (9) | Laundry Room Sconces (5) | Single Lights (not pictured)


Overall for all our lighting plan, with all the deals and second hand finds, we will have spent a little under $3500 for 27 lights across 3 floors of living space, plus 2 outdoor lights that I’ll share later! I’ve seen chandeliers for this price alone!

I want to be very honest and open about the cost of this renovation because often times, people only share the end result without giving a real accurate expectations for the cost of the end result. Your budget for a lighting plan may be different or the amount of lighting you need may be more or less than what we needed so I think the cost and budget are relative to your specific home. I’ll share mood boards for each room with the lighting through out the next few weeks too! Hope this helps with your light shopping!


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